Friday, April 15, 2016

A powerful person leads a hidden life, but doesn't let his internal conflict show outwardly. He lives a deep fantasy world in order to function in modern weather storms, but people see him as a family man. He might have all kinds of hidden knowledge on strange topics, but he shows few remarkable characteristics. At most, he commands an air of strictness, which is mistaken for authority. But the truth is he's hiding a complex inner world.

Some things are so complex they appear simple. The political structure of the United States has layers upon layers of complexity, but in the end it appears to have only two parties, two candidates, two options: left or right, two issues: to vote or not. The system is so simple that your vote does not even have an effect. The cover-man for the political system, a. k. a. the president, is either chosen by authorities or is so predictably a winner that he might as well have been chosen. The second layer is the government bodies like legislature and judicial, and then, even more hidden, is the real internal conflict of the nation: agents, police, FBI, CIA, and all those subterranean influences that have real power.

An adequate politicians hides all this. A great politician hides it without hiding himself.

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