Thursday, April 14, 2016

The not-drinking post

When you have diarrhea from not eating, it might be the drinking. When you get in fights you can't even explain, it might be the drinking. When you're drinking every day, it might be the drinking.The best way to knock a week out of the calendar is not by drinking. Drinking to "wet your whistle" will only lead to over-drinking. A different-sized bottle does not limit the amount you will drinking. A different brand of liquor will not change your habits. Having a genetic predisposition to addiction will cause your drinking habit to take over your life. There are things you can't do when you're drunk, including driving and making friends. The cost of drinking is minimal, at about $5 for a fix, which will make it very easy to justify drinking every day. Your body will become addicted as quickly as your mind, making you shake in the mornings after. Walking off a hangover is not a source of aerobic exercise, which you'll be needing due to the strain on your heart. But as quickly as you can walk to the liquor store, you'll still have to wait until 10 AM. And by not drinking on Sunday, you're not proving you can make it without a drink. You're only proving the liquor store is closed that day. Taking more than one shot at a time does not validate drinking. Replacing liquor with shots of hot sauce does not work. Hangovers will feel normal when you wake up to one every day for a month. Your medication will mix with the liquor to cause angry outbursts. The taste of liquor will bring back memories of drunken days wasted. Your middle-of-the-day naps will make a waste of your drunken days. Your creativity will not be enhanced. Slowly your memory will suffer. You'll think being drunk is the way you are. You'll use excuses to drink with friends so you can drink. You'll be rude to the store employees who know you have a problem. You'll be maladjusted to a normal day cycle. People will start to notice and take advantage of you.

If I only had known this five years ago when I turned 21.

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