Thursday, April 14, 2016

The grey-end of a nonsense nuisance.

In the week of the conjugated "I", a feeling of hate bubbled from the unused water spout. Bubbling red ink-spots spilled on the ground, a signal the hatred had begun. No thing takes out stains from the ink-spout left behind by the awesome blobs. It was a permanent stain. This area might need to be forgotten, with its permanent stain in the universe breaking the rule of the conservation of energy by matter. In essence, nothing was permanent, except this essence. A red ink-spot on an otherwise spatial plane. An incredibly dirty red stain.

But in the other spot there was an easily washable green. It was a marker with smell. A new gimmick developed by Crayola to add scent to the scene. But the smells were all like candy and ink, themselves, making the smelling markers a bit more useless. They smelled, sure, of nothing. Not many gimmicks have the credo required to add scent to its product. It's a giant cliche that smells add nothing to a products likability. People keep buying scented products, sure, but none of the scents are real. Although there is one I remember, dirt. That's an authentic scent. Leather, dirt, new car smell, all fine scents for any product, including, but not limited to 3D-printed products.

Somehow the extra-spatial void described a delusion un-face-able. A plan of belief so wrong it is impossible to think of without going insane. It's a single thought that lasts a millennium. A fake idea tempered to make the human brain stop working. No one who survives the description of this delusions remains alive with their sanity, although most die. It is not a good thing to think of, let alone write down.

There is nothing on the planet green without a smell about itself. No green thing escapes the sense of scent, be it cut grass or old mold. All of it has at least a tiny scent. The planet is full of smells, all of them natural. But there is one smell which must not be smelled. It is the smell of awakening. It's a stimulant that takes people out of the dream of their lives and forces them to face the meaningfulness of their lives. To many, it's completely unexpected while being fatal to their rational mind. Some die, others live on after the smell. But the stench of it steals your sanity. It is a natural smell. It is found at the center of the earth. It awakens a part of your mind that remembers its tiny place in the sub-galaxy, of the post-galaxy,universe, and subsequently multiverse. Aliens have no problem with this smell, but humans,who are behind in evolution, absolutely hate it.

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